Thanksgiving Dance Camp

November 2013

This was our second time going to the Bannerman Family Dance Camp. It was located at the YMCA in Black Mountain, NC, just outside Asheville. The camp was conceived of and is orchestrated each year by the extended Bannerman family. It is nice to have a Thanksgiving tradition that includes dancing, games, arts, creativity, and family. Click a picture to enlarge it.

Micah and Hannah

Micah and Jen play on a home-made foosball table

The puppeteers practicing for the evening festivities

Sadie hanging out in preparation for a dance (check out the Thanksgiving-themed hair clip!)

Micah, Liam, and the rest of the gang

The kids pause to pose

We all took a puppet-making workshop

Micah, Liam, and Sadie (dressed as Alice in Wonderland, which was this year's theme)

In Wonderland, all the games are big -- check out Scrabble, and look for Micah in the picture!

Several of the Alices posing for a picture

Our family bulletin board picture this year

Jen, Micah, Julie, Liam, and Sadie

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