Various Fall Goodies

October 2013

Thanks for checking out this gallery of various shots from this fall. The collection appropriately starts with the beginning of school. From there it progresses through events such as the Renaissance Festival and the Futsal soccer season. We end with a bit of ice skating and with Hannukah, which took place on Thanksgiving for the first time since 1888. Enjoy, and click a picture to enlarge it!

First day of first and fourth grade!

Sadie and Micah join friends Ella and Chloe for a first-day pose

Sadie the Lady Bug appropriately makes friends with Lady Dragonfly at the RenFest

Sadie and Daddy post-face-paint

Sadie has form like Katniss!

In futsal, the games are only 40 minutes, but somehow Micah found time to score 6 goals in this game!

Look who we ran into at the Irish festival!

Micah, Brian, and Ethan Rosenberg went to Games-n-at, an old fashioned arcade on the South Side

Jen's upcycled creations and presence in a show garnered media attention

Sadie ice skating with her friend Olivia.

Sadie shows off a necklace Micah bought her with his own money for her birthday

First night of Thanksgivukkah!

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