August 2013

This year, we went to Touchstone Center for Crafts, an arts camp in Farmington, PA, just across the West Virginia border. The kids took classes in folk art and Brian soaked up the atmosphere and manned the tent. That's right ... we spent the whole week in the tent, including an 18-hour downpour which left lakes galore. Jen got some serious sewing and upholstery work done in Pittsburgh and then joined us for the last two days of enjoying nature, art, and new friends.

A far shot of the kids' studio, with the gang playing outside during lunchtime

Daddy, pleaaaaaase can I go play with them???

The sign says it all

Ms. Mayak teaching the kids about folk art

Pillows the kids hand-sewed

Tent sweet tent

A shot of the tent and our hammock

Inside the tent we stayed in for four nights

Brother and sister bonding in nature

Another one of the kiddos

This time with me

We found a baby bird just hanging out

Sadie's "crazy quilt" she drew and painted herself

Hand-made "face jugs"

Micah poses with the yarn dolls he made

A menagerie of cardboard animals

Sadie made a giant carboard fish

Micah had some extra time and made some designs using a compass

We even stayed in the tent during a torrential downpour -- Here are the kids basically "swimming"

Micah got a henna tattoo that says "friendship" in Chinese

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